Can a seller countervail an auction after you have submitted the winning bid?
I bid on a 60 ft motor yacht and won. Now the seller doesn't after to sell. I have the money but he will not accept payment.

Are you talking about on Ebay? A seller can counterbalance a listing I believe until 12 hours left in the auction. But, after the auction is over, they HAVE to sell. You can file a...

What happened to the ex Romanian Viscount Yacht Nahlin's turbines?
Okay, so James Dyson (the vacuum guy) bought the ex Romanian Superb Yacht Nahlin, and had the steam turbines replaced with diesel engines for propulsion. I want to know "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TURBINES?" If anybody can berate me, that would be great, thanks. God...

Sunday, July 11, 2010 Clydebuilt ex Steam Yacht NAHLIN returns to secondment. The former steam yacht NAHLIN, which was built at the John Brown shipyard in Clydebank in...

I am hosting a unpronounced auction/ball for the lbpd. Anyone have suggestions for a name or theme?
We are having it at the eat one's heart out beach yacht club so it needs to be nice and the theme is what all the decorations are based on so make it good please!

Anchors Aweigh! (could assimilate a military side to this-red/white/blue decos) Pirates Night Out! (It's fun dressing up) Treasure Island-(use palm trees, bamboo mats, etc.)

$300 million Wonderful Yacht Nirvana to be auctioned One of the most de luxe yachts ever built is going on the auction block with an estimated price of more than $300 million. The super yacht Nirvana has six decks and spans 290 feet. It was built in 2012 by South African construction gurus Oceanco, and 

Coy LE Emer to Launch Flight Fest Spectacular Featuring Marine-Related ... She is to be de-commissioned and put up for projected auction next month. The Bay's Racing organisation Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) boasts a weekly crop up-out of up to 200 yachts across 21 classes, one of the biggest weekly turnouts in Europe.

Yachts at Auction

HSA Factual Americana Auction Catalog #6006

Michelle Slade on Marin Sailing: Baier bothered about San Francisco Boat Show - Marin Independent Journal

It was an simulacrum of the Bay Area-based racing yacht IMP on the cover of Yachting Magazine way back when that had young John Baier packing his bags and headed for the only racing area he wanted to be part of: San Francisco Bay. “IMP was blasting through the swell and that was a deciding moment for me. I wanted to be in the IOR (International Offshore Authority) boating world and San Francisco was ground zero in the early 80s for that, with the best racing, technology and most forward point of view people. It’s for similar reasons that Baier is excited about the San Francisco Boat Show that kicks off this week, an event that has the potential to charm San Francisco’s tech best. “We hope to see people from the City and Silicon Valley, especially younger people from the high tech earth. This may be their first opportunity to explore technology as it pertains to sailing, to get on a boat and get a taste of sailing on the bay. Oceanic Yachts will feature skim and power boats at the show, where a variety of vessels — sail, fishing and power — will be available to tour on-water and on-land. Devise Boating will run on-water oower and sail skills training. A long-time racer, Baier became interested in sailing after compelling a couple of years off school during which time he worked in a boat yard on the east end of Long Island. He delivered a series of dash boats to Fort Lauderdale, eventually landing in Rhode Island to work there during the 1980 America’s Cup. “Newport was where I met a lot of guys from the West Seashore who were not only racing the America’s Cup but also events like the Admirals Cup and the New Yacht Club cruise, so San Francisco Bay seemed the place to be. ”. He moved to San Francisco, and in his postpositive major year at San Francisco... In 1987, Baier moved to a dealership in Sausalito, a business he bought in 1991 and renamed Ocean Yachts. The business, which he runs with his wife Julianne, has been in the same location at Clipper Yacht Harbor ever since. While Oceanic Yachts mainly deals in power boats, they also vend sail boats. “We sold people their first 30-foot sailboat 20 years ago, they moved up to a 40-foot row-boat to go offshore cruising, they returned and bought a powerboat — it’s a trend we’ve followed for years,” Baier said. His own sailboat Patience is a Ranger 23, designed by Bay Block icon Gary Mull, which he bought completely derelict at an auction in 1989. He extensively restored the boat before racing it locally. “All the hot family boat talent who I had raced with as crew became my crew on Patience because they owed me,” Baier joked. “I didn’t remember the first thing about driving a boat and never steered. All these years later Baier is still enamored with Patience and races it regularly in his favorite nightspot series, the Corinthian Mid-Winters. He says while the boat always performed well, the addition of an asymmetrical spinnaker a few years ago has been immensely enriched, “On reaches, she’s turbo-charged to say the least,” Baier joked. Baier, as a sailor and a marine business owner, is in a incomparable position to comment on who and who isn’t getting into sailing these days, and the reasons why. While much is debated on the static state of the sport locally, Baier says it’s plainly a matter of people getting out of sailing as much as there are new people coming into it. More than anything, it’s important to keep the sport visible and.

Boats for Buying, Yachts for Sale, Repo Boats, Luxury Yacht Auctions ... Boats for garage sale - Weekly sealed bid auctions on used boats and used yachts in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Our yacht inventory includes foreclosures, control seized vessels ... Мы хотели бы показать здесь описание, но сайт, который вы просматриваете, этого не позволяет.

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