Where can i turn up a wooden boat building apprenticeship?
I am mechanically liable but have little boat building experience. I have checked out the schools in maine and such but they are to rich for my blood right now. Anything on the matter would be major! Thanks!

the old woman of maritime links has the following boatbuilding training links: http://www.boat-links.com/linklists/boatlink-06.html Boatbuilding Training: The Alexandria...

What are superlative museums and parks to visit in Seattle?
I'm planning a boob to Seattle in August and I'm curious which are the best mesuems to see and which are considered tourist traps? I also want to know if there is public transportation to Olympic Nationalistic Park.

The superb parks and museums in Seattle (this is hard to narrow down) The Seattle area has some really unique museums: The Seattle Art Museum which is currently housed in the...

Seattle Center for Wooden Boats adding museum The 36th Annual Lake Bloc Wooden Boat Festival runs from June 30th to July 4th at Lake Union Park and The Center for Wooden Boats 1010 Valley Road Seattle, WA. July 1st 2012. (Joshua Lewis / ). SEATTLE (AP) - The Center for Wooden 

Tillicum Village: Renovations rob Seattle trip a must-do One of the superior tourist activities in Seattle actually is a short boat ride across Puget Sound. Tillicum Village, on minuscule Blake Island, is reached by a cruise and offers a dinner of alder wood-roasted salmon and an evening of prehistoric Salish stories

Banknote Boeing's 1930 yacht up for sale - The Seattle Times

If this week’s Seattle Ship Show has nothing historic and luxurious enough to float your boat, you might like to know that the 125-foot yacht built for Note Boeing Sr. in 1930 is up for sale in Vancouver, B. C. Owner Gordon Levett, the Canadian who’s owned it for nearly 30 years, is... The barque, built by Boeing of Canada, is equipped with twin diesel engines and cruises at 12 knots, according to the marketing materials. The Vancouver Sun, which start with reported the boat is on the market, calls it a “floating palace” that “cost $421,000 to build, at a time when many boats sell for $1,000. ”. After hosting a launch party that attracted dozens of the business and social elite from across the U. S. , according to... Invoice Boeing was refueling the Taconite on the British Columbia coast when he by chance met Clayton Scott, who became his personal helmsman and later the chief production test pilot for the company. In 1956, while cruising on the Taconite near Edmonds with his wife, Invoice Boeing died from a heart attack. The yacht is named for a type of iron ore. Bill Boeing’s father, Wilhelm, bought Minnesota timberlands that turned out to toe-hold low-grade taconite and, under that, more valuable ore that established the family fortune. “She’s all teak, first-growth teak,” says Terry Cooke, participant at Emerald Pacific Yachts in Seattle, who is marketing the Taconite and credits Levett with “bringing it back to the original condition. “A lot of the boats of its vintage don’t get by anymore” because they weren’t of such good wood, says Levett. Both men say they’d like to see the Taconite stay in the Pacific Northwest. “You’re really buying a wholesome piece of marine history with a pedigree name,” says Cooke.


wooden boats, seattle | Flickr - Photo Sharing! www.billhinton.com Northwest Photography

Seattle wooden boats - for Dean Forbes | Flickr - Photo Sharing! These were infatuated 1/2 mile from where Dean Forbes works in Seattle. You may have seen some of his boat pics taken here. It's nice to know a little about his "space ...

The Center for Wooden Boats - Seattle, WA - Museum, Specialty ... The Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle, WA. 3,362 likes · 175 talking about this · 4,741 were here.

The Center For Wooden Boats - Seattle, WA (206) 382-2628 · "Visited this occupation over the weekend and wish I had known about it sooner. It's a great place to check out some awesome wooden boat ...