What is a consumable (but cheap) alternative to Malibu Coconut rum?
We're accepted camping, and my wife wants to make a lot (actually, a couple hundred) jell-o shots using Malibu rum. What is a suitable but inexpensive variant so that we don't go broke making these things?

Imitator Bay is more expensive than Malibu and I don't think has the coconutty flavor that Malibu is. My top two suggestion for an inexpensive coconut rum would be : 1....

What is the conquer quality Vanilla rum?
I am looking for a brilliant vanilla flavor and good quality rum thanks!

I've not ever had it, but after finding this page, I'm gonna try it! It's called Whaler's Original Vanilla Rum. Here's the link I found: http://www99.epinions.com/content_978165892

Which drinks would you commend to mask the taste of hard alcohol the best?
About a month ago I had a bad participation involving way too much throwing up and passing out drinking vodka, and now I find it hard to stomach the taste of hard alcohol. I'm just wondering what you guys over recall is the best beverage to mix with hard liquor to...

Vodka and Tequila are the hardest hootch to get 'back into' after having a bad experience. Before venturing that way again, try rum first. And start with Malibu Rum (they...

Canada's largest annual keelboat regatta livens stillness NS town The rum does glide at the local hot spots – the Fo'c'sle tavern and the Rope Loft – and there are even stories (though some locals say they are apocryphal), of barren champagne bottles bobbing in the front harbour after a night of partying. “I always

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How to dominate a private island for less than $1000 (a day) - New York Post

From Brando to Johnny Depp, the anti-socially absurd have always enjoyed private islands oh-so inaccessible to the dreggy likes of you and me. But what happens when us normals need a little space from our beau riffraff, yet lack a three-pic deal with Disney to fund it. Like, say, maybe... but before we go any further, first things start: You’re going to need about a dozen like-minded friends, relatives and/or Tinder hookups at your disposal. (If that’s a deal-breaker, go out there and see some, soldier — you can always check back in with us when you do. ). OK, moving on. The next step is looking to the Bahamas. specifically a private wee enclave in the Berry Islands called Inadequate Whale Cay. Its claims to fame include white-sand beaches and come-hither turquoise water. a private 2,000-foot airstrip, harbor and armada of watercraft for fishing, cruising, etc. a wholly 13-member staff (personal chef and masseur, check, check). a sea-view infinity pool, tennis court, yoga deck, gym. But outwit of all, its 93 acres sport three individual villas that can accommodate up to 12 people. The price tag for the pleasure, now past April 11, is a cool $11,750 per day, for a minimum five-night stay (including food and booze). Gut resistance: That seems pricey — until you remember why you traveled in with the aforementioned 11 other souls in the first place. Run that number into done with Turing’s Christopher machine and you’ll find that you only owe $979 and a couple of nickels each day (assuming everyone pulls their weight — settle upon companions at your own risk). That’s kind of a big deal in the high-stakes game of private-island living — even enjoying those amenities at a ho-hum workaday remedy have recourse to would cost you well into the four-digits-per-day zone. Here’s a little pictorial taste of what you can have all to yourself (er, plus those 11 other people you can always keep once you get here). Covet thy neighbor Little Whale Cay is located a mere 140 miles southeast of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — that’s under two hours by plane (you’ll have to distinct customs in Chub Cay while trying not to laugh at its name, then hop another five-minute flight to LWC). Sketch pads Sure, Wallace Groves was an ex-con who served a scrimp in federal prison after some shady Wall Street shenanigans, but he (wink-wink) cleaned up his act in the Bahamas, developing this 93-acre secret resort in the 1930s when not deforesting other nearby islands. Its three secluded sea-view homes — the Little Whale Take in, Peacock House and Flamingo House — remain your colorful lodging ops today. Fin it to win it Tropical fish and turtles are out there scurrying about the Cay’s waters. Snorkel up and say hi. Boater registration Go fishing aboard the reserve’s 30-foot custom-built Solid powerboat with twin 115-horsepower, four-stroke engines, or bone-fish on the 17-foot Boston Whaler. That same Whaler passenger liner can drag your lazy bum in one of those rubber donuts around the island. Oh, and they’re even craft-ier. Little Whale has three Sunfish sailing dinghies, three Captiva sailing dinghies and three Laser sailing dinghies to commandeer. Whale of an zest LWC’s private hash-slinger specializes in organic vegetables, fish and meat. Pick your poison: sashimi made from the kingfish caught that day, lurid, char-grilled barbecue fare or freshly picked fruit salads. Chase it with their “legendary” rum punch.


Paramount Of Maui 2013-2014 For nearly 30 years this well-received hard-bound book has been placed in hotel and condominium rooms throughout Maui, providing visitors with beautiful photographs, proficient information about local dining, shopping and activities, plus maps guiding you to the best ...

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Whaler's Model Rum Spiced Rum. Uses purely Hawaiian recipes and combines mellow, rich rum with a delicate blend of exotic island spices.

Whalers Rum Acclaimed Whalers Rum. Heaven Hill Distilleries NZ Ltd are proud to announce the arrival of Whalers world famous Hawaiian Rum.

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