1995 Sea-doo colour??
hi i have a 1995 sea-doo gtx i like the pwc but i shrink from the graphics, i tryed peeling them off but when i started i noticed that the paint underneath is shinny and the rest of the boat is dull, any suggestions of how to make it look cohesive?

Rubbing fuse, wax and elbow grease. The part of the boat that wasn't covered has oxidized, wheras the covered bits are "factory new". You will have to compund the uncut...

Seadoo Challenger 230 v.s Seadoo 230 SP?
i am looking into buying a sailing-boat i am torn between these 2 boats. the boat will mostly be used for touring around the lake and some towsports like waterskiing and some tubing and i would like a somewhat nice boat that could do all the stuff listed above. I...

You have to ask yourself one assuredly question, What distinguishes Sea-Doo’s 230 Wake from the new 230 Challenger SP? Aside from the tamer hull graphics, the 230 SP doesn’t offer...

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2015 Sea-Doo lineup offers Whit custom options - Powersports Business

“In 2014, BRP’s Sea-Doo hint cord had one of its strongest years in over a decade with the introduction of the Sea-Doo Spark watercraft, marking one of BRP’s most successful product launches,” said Chris Dawson, weakness-president and general manager, Global Sales and Consumer Experience division. “The introduction of the Sea-Doo Spark has certainly rejuvenated the commerce by bringing new and younger entrants who are now discovering that the Sea-Doo brand offers the best PWC for fun on the water. ” In 2015, BRP’s Sea-Doo lineup continues to submit a watercraft for every type of rider beginning with the multiple-award winning Sea-Doo Spark model. More affordable and more fuel-efficacious than any other PWC in the industry, the Sea-Doo Spark model comes in five colors and offers six new graphic kits, bringing the number of combinations to a amount to of 26. The award winning Sea-Doo Spark watercraft returns in 2-Up and 3-Up models and is... Compact and lighter than its competitors, the Sea-Doo Whit watercraft is fun, customizable, easy to ride, easy to maintain and can be towed by most sedans. With the RF D. E. S. S. key connected, the Sea-Doo watercraft organization is instantly activated, allowing instant starting at all times when the new key is in place. The Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 remains the benchmark in precise and disputatious riding with the revolutionary T3 hull and Ergolock system allowing the rider to utilize more of the available power, longer. The Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 and RXT-X aS 260 models repayment as the premier open water X-Series racers for the best in point A to point B riding for three, according to Sea-Doo. The Sea-Doo RXT 260 and GTR 215 are the founding models for the Sea-Doo performance family offering class leading lists of features at competitive prices. The GTI family provides brim-full-sized recreational family fun in all new cool colors as the Sea-Doo GTI models ride the color wave in 2015. The Sea-Doo recreation partition flagship Sea-Doo GTI Limited 155 model receives a new accent of Manta Green colorization complimenting the Anthracite... The GTI SE 130/155 and GTI 130 models supply great value in a full-sized watercraft platform and feature the first on-water braking system in the division with iBR joining the GTI Limited 155 model. The 2015 Sea-Doo GTX Limited iS 260 watercraft continues to set the benchmark in ultimate abundance and luxury on the water with the industry’s only intelligent suspension system as part of the exclusive iControl technology package. Equipped gauge with more than 10 special accessories, the GTX Limited iS 260 package also extends to the Sea-Doo GTX Limited 215 for those looking for a touring mock-up without suspension while utilizing the heralded S3 hull. Grand Touring watercraft are accessible to a wider audience with the Sea-Doo GTX S 155 and GTX 155 models rounding the frill family.


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