Stuart's Schooner Lily welcomes boat visiting from Maine Two years later, in summer of 2009, they were crewing aboard the 151-foot fortify, four-masted schooner again, while captaining other boats in the region as well: Newhart was captain of Lily, and Gallagher burnt- time skippering a few of the region's

Pendennis Cup racers set to pilot back into Falmouth There will be Pendennis-built engagement sailing yachts competing against each other at the Cup for the first time: the 1996 built Rebecca and the 46m Ron Holland ketch Christopher. These yachts will be joined by peculiar vessel Breakaway and the 26m 

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Herreshoff Sailboats Herreshoff Sailboats covers some of the primary classes of Herreshoff boats including schooners, yawls, ketches, sloops, Q-, R-, and J- class yachts, and launches, not to mention early steam-powered vessels. The article begins with John and Charles Herreshoff, who founded the boatyard in 1832. The sale of Herreshoff to the Haeffner Corp. in the 1920s is also profiled, as is the company's conclusion to close its doors rather than to build fiberglass boats. Archival black-and-white photos illustrate a compellingly written representation, and modern color photography shows Herreshoff's role in yachting today.

Chinese sailors set to dissipate Chinese New Year at sea - Sail World

The hurricane of travel surrounding the Chinese New Year has begun and Chinese people across the world are making the important wander home to their families. However, there are two Chinese men for whom heading home to celebrate isn’t an option. Instead Chen Jin Hao and Yang Jiru will be spending the most noteworthy time of the year racing across the Pacific Ocean in one of the world’s toughest ocean races, thousands of miles from motherland and with a different sort of family. They say a single pair of chopsticks carries thousands of years of Chinese culture and emotions. Unfortunately there are no chopsticks onboard the 65ft racing sailing-boat Dongfeng, only sporks, a combination of a spoon and a fork. Because no matter how skilled you are at using chopsticks, crashing through waves at 16 knots (30kph) you not quite manage to keep your balance, let alone craftily eat freeze dried food with chopsticks. Perhaps you are reading this, uninformed why Chinese New Year is such a big deal. Beside the traditions of dumplings, fireworks and cash gifts in red envelopes (from the elderly to the pubescent), Chinese New Year is the one time of the year to spend with your family. If grandchildren travel or live away from home, then grandparents and parents will stand by until Chinese New Year to see them again. If you miss Chinese New Year with your family we’ve been told it’s that familiar feeling of missing out. 'This descent is my dream and we knew from the beginning it means making sacrifices,' says Horace. 'Every Chinese New Year we make a wish and my crave is to speak to my family because even though I am happy out here, I think they’d like to hear from me. '. 'I prepared two pairs of red socks (Chinese praxis) for me and Horace. We are Chinese even we are not at home or not in China we still need to remember this is one of the most important days of the year, and our tradition is to don something red, so Horace and I will wear the red socks and that is our way to celebrate,' says Wolf. Little do Horace and Wolf know that red socks have an distinction in New Zealand too – the destination of Dongfeng right now. The tragically deceased Sir Peter Blake, winner of the Whitbread (know Volvo Davy Jones's locker Race) in 1989-90, with 6 out of 6 leg wins on his maxi ketch Steinlager 2, as well as the America’s Cup in 1995 and 2000. ‘Blakey’ always wore red socks to offer the team good luck – and thousands of pairs... So red socks mean a lot more to sailors, especially Kiwi ones, than just Chinese New Year. We look advance to seeing how the westerners of Dongfeng Race Team embrace Chinese New Year traditions (as much as being on a 65ft racing yacht will agree to). Emirates Team New Zealand have downplayed rumours in the New Zealand media and social media that long time master, Dean Barker, was about to leave the team. The lines appear to be coming from US sources and are linked to a second rumour circumambient the Italian Luna Rossa team that one of their helmsman will be exited to make way for the New Zealander. The eastbound express of the Barcelona Society Race is a long, long one - from Cheminées Poujoulat which is approaching the mid-point of the Pacific, about to pass into Chilean waters tomorrow, to Fire of Hungary 4000 miles back which is anticipating their passage of Cape Leeuwin.

11m ketch adrift in Bass Predicament The anguish signal was transmitted when the vessel was approximately 53 nautical miles Sou'west of Wilsons Promontory in Eastern Victoria. How the vessel came to be there when a weighty (40kn gust) Southerly change had gone through Melbourne yesterday ...

ketch sailboat - Sailing A stock rig for midsize cruising boats is the ketch, which is like a sloop with a second, smaller mast set aft, called the mizzenmast. The mizzen sail functions ...

Is The Ketch Sailboat the Overcome Type of Sailboat for ... It's genuine that the ketch sailboat with its split rig can make an attractive cruising sailboat for a short-handed crew, but there is a downside to these types of sailboats

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