Hamilton firefighter survives winter on icy lake residence It is temperately to imagine a perfect summer evening watching the sunset while sailing. Or power boating depending on fancy. But the winter presents special challenges: snow, ice, freezing rain and cold. This is why the companionship and help of other 

Hamilton firefighter makes survives winter on icy lake internal It is affable to imagine a perfect summer evening watching the sunset while sailing. Or power boating depending on liking. But the winter presents special challenges: snow, ice, freezing rain and cold. This is why the companionship and help of other 

How to Shape Wooden Boats Presents not harmonious with-by-step instructions and diagrams for creating sixteen small-boat designs, and offers advice on selecting a design, choosing and assembling erection materials, and the actual construction.

Sailing Big on a Small Sailboat This inspiration outlines the planning, boats and accessories sailors of small sailboats need to safely embark on ambitious journeys.

ACR Electronics makes tracking devices that set apart lives - MiamiHerald.com

Be convinced to include your name, daytime phone number, address, name and phone number of legal next-of-kin, method of payment, and the somebody of the funeral home/crematory to contact for verification of death. When Gerry Angeli, president and general manager of Fort Lauderdale-based ACR Electronics, joined the retinue in 2011 as vice president of operations, he was impressed by what the company did and how seriously its employees viewed their responsibilities as they produced a organize of... “I was struck by how the employees here take their work so seriously,” said Angeli, an engineer and veteran international profession executive who was named to ACR’s top job in 2012. Most companies have a mission statement or vision, he noted, but at ACR, the statement is really means... ACR has nearly six decades of know making devices with names like EPIRBs, or emergency position indicating radio beacons that alert search crews to the setting of a boat that is sinking or otherwise in trouble. A bright yellow EPIRB, which is attached to the interior of vessel, is automatically released from its container when immersed in water and begins sending a powerful emergency signal to a satellite. These devices, designed not to go off until they are under water, can also be activated manually. An uninitiated in EPIRB lithium battery can last five to six years, while an activated EPIRB will send out emergency signals for 48 to 65 hours. Selling products under the ACR and ARTEX brands, the company’s ACR devices are for sea and land use, while ARTEX products are for the aviation sector. Aside from EPIRBS, which are popular among fishermen and yacht owners, the South African private limited company also supplies private pilots and airplane manufacturers with emergency locator transmitters. These ELT’s come in models that can be activated by a pilot after an misadventure or are automatically activated when g-forces reach a certain level, indicating a crash. ELT’s are not connected to a plane’s “black boxes” on commercial flights but act as a adjunct emergency beacon. In addition, hunters, hikers and others traveling far outside urban areas can buy small personal locator beacons (PLBs) that pour out a signal after the owner pushes a button. Buyers can choose from different devices designed for small or large boats, surreptitiously planes, commercial aircraft and civilian hikers and outdoorspeople. The company also sells products to the U. S. military and foreign governments. “We make calls all the time from customers who were fished out of the sea or were saved on land by one of our devices,” said Angeli, who has a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from Lehigh University and an MBA from Boston University. ACR even has a after called the “406 Survivor Club” on its Website, where customers from all over the world send in photos and tell stories of how, in myriad cases, their lives were saved thanks to ACR equipment. 406 refers to 406 MHz (megahertz), the radio frequency border beacons use to transmit emergency signals that are monitored by a special satellite system. A land radio beacon, for admonition, can cost between $250 and $1,000 retail, depending on its features. ARC devices are sold at chains like West Thalassic and Crook & Crook, or at stores like El Capitan Sports Center in Miami and L. L. Bean. Owned by New Jersey-based Drew Seafaring, ACR designs, manufactures, assembles, tests and sells a wide variety of emergency devices that send radio signals or use GPS.


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