How much is the price for a Century craft 95/96 or 97 2100 series?
Looking for the quotation of a Century boat 95,96, or 97 don't remember year, 2100 series bg lss.

hither 15k

Do inboard motor yacht motors have to have a marine oil filter?
I have a 1974 century SKI skiff. It has a regular vehicle engine in it, a Mercury Cruiser. I want to know if I have to have a marine oil filter for it or can I use a regular Fram filter?.

Auto filters calling fine as long as you get the right ones. Use a cross reference directory using the marine filter # to find the equivalent auto pass through. Most auto supply...

Sailing lessons on a nineteenth century motor yacht?
I saw a website a few month back for a Pty that taught sailing lessons off the Northeast Coast. The interesting part was that people were trained as a sort of reenactment of a nineteenth century navigational crew. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

I seen it done off the California shore for a seven day cruse genus thing, but understand any time you start messing with this type of boating you'll be expected to work very...

Century power boats show off mahogany at Outmoded Boat Show The Century boats will clear awards today in eight categories. The three judges were responsible for rating Century boats with inboard engines at the center of the hulls. The characteristic characteristic of Century boats is their massive motors, said

Century-Old Ship, and a Mostly Teenage Crew LONDON — Jolie Brise needs no introduction in a Fastnet Rallye, but its skipper, Toby Marris, still makes a good one. “I believe we're the oldest boat in the race with the youngest body,” Marris said last week, in advance of the start of Fastnet on

Shipwreck numerous find 19th century canal boats in Lake Ontario -

his icon taken from video shows diver Andrew Driver swimming over part of a 19th-century canal boat that lies on the confound of Lake Ontario's eastern end near Oswego, N. Y. Jim Kennard, Roger Pawlowski, and Roland Steven, three underwater explorers from the Rochester parade-ground, said,... 21, 2015, that they discovered the two 19th-century canal boats last year while searching for shipwrecks. The sunken canal boats, located in more than 200 feet below the covering, are believed to be built in the mid-1800s when the Erie Canal was widened to accommodate larger boats. (AP Photo/Bob Sherwood) OSWEGO, N. Y. (AP) — The wrecks of two 19th-century canal boats have been found on the foot of Lake Ontario, an unusual discovery because such vessels typically weren’t used on open water, a team of New York shipwreck hunters said Wednesday. The three-fellow team from the Rochester area said they discovered the boats using side-scan sonar last year while searching for shipwrecks on Lake Ontario’s eastern end. The settled canal boats — one 65 feet long and the other 78 feet long — were found within a few miles of each other about midway between Oswego and Sackets Harbor, said Jim Kennard of Fairport. The wrecks’ identifications haven’t been unflinching, but Kennard and fellow explorers Roger Pawlowski of Gates and Roland Stevens of Pultneyville believe the vessels were built in the mid-1800s when the Erie Canal was widened to lodge larger boats. Records of more than 600 Lake Ontario shipwrecks didn’t turn up a match for either canal vessel, the explorers said. Kennard said the two shelf-draft boats were probably being towed by steamboats when they sunk. Kennard said the vessels were likely older boats whose owners tried to get one more voyage out of them hauling merchandise on the lake, which is connected to the Erie.

Trek Saint-Jacques gives new view of Paris skyline The gray roofs of Paris stretchiness to the horizon, and boats slowly navigating the Seine look like toys. "It's a sparrow's-eye view from up here," Fouqueray says, pointing out the other 16th-century monuments within easy reach like the Saint Merri ...

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