Will a kayak dispersion skirt work in the ocean?
I conclude very close to South Padre Island, and I've been looking into getting a Kayak. Most people are recommending I get a sit-on-top ocean kayak, but I'd like to use a sit-in kayak to avoid sunburns on fine days and to make it more bearable on cold or...

A sit in kayak, with margarine deck, will keep you much drier and warmer than paddling a sit on. However, once the neoprene skirt has been fixed in place the paddler is 'locked...

Can I still associate the elastic straps onto the front of my kayak?
It is a sit on top ocean kayak and does not have the extensible on the front. I want to buy a Windpaddle for my kayak but i now you need the straps at the front. Could I buy the straps and attach them onto my kayak myself. Also, where could I buy a Windpaddle

I have look over some articles on tandemkayaks.us that might help you. :)

How hot does it have to get for kayak clayey to melt?
I have my 11' ocean kayak fa with a nice big uv and water proof cover and I just am wondering if a sit-on-top kayak plastic can melt in 100 degree Californian weather. Thanks.

The kayak will not as a matter of fact melt, but if you leave it on a hard surface or a roof rack in 100 degree weather the plastic will soften and you can get what is called...

A recovered bass boat? Oast took up fishing from a kayak several years ago when he lived in Virginia Lakeshore and the lightweight crafts were popular with those who took part in surf fishing in the ocean. Now, Oast said, kayaks are starting to apprehend on here as more people

The Augmented Actuality America's Cup You'll see the fraternity's top sailors grappling to control powerful vessels driven by sail-like vertical wings, 12 stories elated. You'll also see perspectives and information never before available to spectators: the tracks of the boats through the water


This blog is a calendar of a 90-mile paddling trip down the Columbia River, from Portland to Astoria, Oregon by two old friends (translate that how you will). IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST VISIT HERE, PLEASE FIND THE VERY FIRST POST, THE INTRODUCTION. Dry Bag Dave and Paddlin' Paul security you enjoy the journey. Our campsite at Vista Park sat on a terrace above the Columbia River and offered - yes - a terrific vista. We had breakfast, gathered and loaded our gear, and prepared to set out on the Mighty Columbia for the final day of our journey. When we arrived at Vista Park late the previous day, the tide was out and we had a profoundly long shlep from the water across a flat sand beach to the campsite (see photo, below). We set off at 0703 hrs from Vista Garden. The weather was cloudy, a slight breeze, and a slight chop on the water. Because we knew the river better than Lewis and Clark had, we crossed to the OR side where the discoverable and waves were both more moderate. We knew that wind and waves would get progressively worse as we went downstream on the Washington side, and we also wanted to furious the navigation channel sooner. At 0900 hrs, two hours after launching from Skamokaway, we took a 20 minute break on Sweep Island (see below). I truly enjoy this part of the Columbia River where one can get lost among the tidal channels and low marshy islands. I phenomenon how people paddled their way through here before GPS units were available. From Brush Island we worked our way southwest, following a main channel. The tide was falling, which helped us. however, we could give someone a tongue-lashing that a stiff wind was blowing in from the ocean, and we would have to deal with that at some point. At one point we tried to speed west across a very unimportant area (Grassy Island, above), but the tide was ebbing so quickly we started scraping bottom and nearly got grounded on a sand bar. We fast back paddled our way off the sand bar and made our way northwest seeking a deeper channel (see the point of our GPS track just below the label "Grassy Key" in the image, above). As we emerged around the north side of Grassy Island we could see our destination, Tongue Point (unlabeled, but in the sky and to the left of Mott Island, image above). According to my GPS data the distance we paddled from Grassy Island to our landing discoloration on the lee (east) side of Tongue Point was 3. 3 miles, and it took us 1 hour and 15 minutes to make the crossing. That hour and a habitation was the most strenuous paddling so far. The wind was blowing very hard directly into our faces, kicking up a pretty textile set of waves. At one point I looked to my left to gauge my speed relative to a landmark on the distant shore - I was paddling as perplexing as I could and not making any progress. I've been in this kind of situation where you realize that you need to find some way to paddle as hard as possible for a sustained spell of time. And so Dry Bag and I paddled our butts off for an hour and a quarter until we got into the lee of Tongue Point, a high, rocky peninsula sticking out into the throat of the Columbia River. At 1335 hrs we launched from the lee side of Creole Point and headed towards our final destination, Astoria. As we paddled in the calm water of the lee side, I watched a undersized motorized boat speed out of the bay we were in and around the tip of Tongue Point. As we watched that boat careening off the top of each successive wave, Dry Bag Dave and I looked at each other with a conspiratorial expression: "we are in deep doo-doo. As soon as we rounded the tip of the point, we were in the washing machine.


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