Worth Kayak company to buy from?
I'm looking for something that's cheap, but not short, I'm hoping for it to be closed in short or long.Preferably 200-600.Also list Kayak Company's

There are over 100 kayak manufacturers in the circle. IF you are in the US there are probably 30 major vendors of them. But the bottom line is that most are not going to sell...

what makes a fishing kayak a control superiors fishing boat then just a regular sit in kayak.?

kayak manufacturers that make their kayaks as fishing kayaks have set the kayaks up with options that are designed for the fisherman. they usually include rod holders, bait...

does impact matter in an ocean kayak?
for fishing sit on top

Alll kayaks have a maker's maximum weight rating, usually between 300 and 450 pounds, depending on the model. This includes the paddler and all their gear but you'd...

Atlantic Burg Boat Show sets sail this week Watercraft at the show will vary from 8-foot kayaks to a $1.2 million cruising yacht. Pontoon boats — a segment that has increased in recent years — remainder big sellers but have leveled off, he said. The National Marine Manufacturers Association said 

Why Seaward Kayaks' superior business model may not be for prime time More recently, Seaward Kayaks began manufacturing flexible kayaks out of thermoform ABS. It was with an eye to improving this aspect of the business that they decided to pitch the dragons. “To broaden our horizons we needed a participant to bring other 

Flair Kayaking for Everyone Gift Kayaking for Everyone is aimed at both beginners and casual paddlers, covers both sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking. There are no good, public statistics on the crossover mass practitioners of sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking. Modern recreational kayaks, however, are useful on still water and in relatively slow streams (Class 2 and maybe low-begin Class 3), they're relatively inexpensive, and a lot of paddlers these days start in them and use them in a variety of water types. Thus there is a lot of crossover among beginners and irregular paddlers.

Kayak Touring and Camping A guide to conducting shielded and successful kayak expeditions discusses equipment and supplies, paddling techniques, navigating river hazards, planning a trip, and handling diverse weather and water conditions

WNC a hub for open-air gear manufacturers - Asheville Citizen-Times

With at least 26 out of doors gear manufacturing companies based in Western North Carolina, one might say the region already is a hub for that sector. But the founders of Fletcher-based Open-air Gear Builders of Western North Carolina want to make sure. "One of the goals is to demonstrate that this really is the discovery for the industry in the eastern United States," said Matthew Raker, one of the two-year-old trade group's founders. Raker also is the entrepreneurship corruption president for AdvantageWest, a Fletcher-based economic-development nonprofit serving Western North Carolina. A census the nonprofit conducted "obviously showed a broad and diverse number of companies," Raker said. Add to that the strength in manufacturing and it's obvious that this is the center in the East. Companies take in Asheville-based American Backcountry, which makes moisture-wicking apparel. Banner Elk-based Misty Mountain Threadworks, which produces climbing harnesses, and Asheville-based Watershed, which manufactures drybags for activities based on saturate. Annual revenues for those companies range from $50 million to $200 million. The Outdoor Gear Builders assemblage plans its first demo-day — Get In Gear Fest — on March 21 in Asheville's River Arts District, said Kyle Mundt, another co-fall of the organization and an executive at SylvanSport. "We want to offer residents of the Western North Carolina area the chance to rebound the tires and see what the fuss is all about," Mundt said. Brevard-based SylvanSport has redesigned the traditional popup camper, Mundt said. He and his colleagues did that by envisioning people who peach on at the outdoor-outfitter REI, mountain bike, hike and climb, for example, Mundt said. SylvanSport campers are lightweight, curb a tent that comfortably sleeps four, and can carry bikes, boats, camping equipment and the like, Mundt said. Outside Gear Builders also serves its members by demonstrating how they might do business with each other. That's how Mundt learned that Judy Gross, who owns two companies, could advise SylvanSport. Gross is the founder and owner of LightHeart Gear, a backpacking-outfitter company, and Excelsior Sewing. Both are based in Fletcher. Excelsior Sewing now makes tailgate for SylvanSport, and several other members of the Open-air Gear Builders also have become Gross' customers, she said. The group "is fabulous," Gross said. "It's bringing credibility to our territory, and bringing manufacturing back to the area.


Why Seaward Kayaks’ capacious business model may not be for prime time Each week, Pecuniary Post contributor Mary Teresa Bitti revisits CBC’s previous week’s episode of Dragons’ Den. She captures what the cameras didn’t and in the prepare provides a case study for readers, zeroing in on what pitchers and ...

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sea kayak and River kayak manufacturers Al Anderson started double-dealing kayaks almost 20 years ago and wood kayak manufacturers are still scrammbling to design a kayak that ... His kayaks are ...

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