ocean kayak fishing...?
how crypt would it be to go out in australia? i know people go a couple of kilometres out and am just wondering if this is realistic also any good tips from people who have experience.. would love too overhaul a huge snapper from a kayak

I see lots of people roughly here (Long Island, NY) use ocean yaks to fish, but we don't really have great white sharks around the shore ready to pounce on a fragment of plastic....

What is a high-minded ocean fishing kayak for 2 people?

I distinguish nothing about ocean fishing, but I just purchased a Crescent Xtreme II for me and the kids. (It's supposed to be shipped next week, so I haven't even tried it, yet)....

kayak fishing..............?
im prevailing to buy a kayak for fishing in san diego in the ocean, but i dont know what one would be best suited for it. if anyone can help it would be appreciated. and i dont have a budget for this.

with no budget yet, look for a utilized one. a good fishing yak will run from 750 to 1000 bucks new. more, once rigged out. a "sit on top" model is absolutely best for fishing....

Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Trick II Ocean Kayak, a recognized chief in the kayak fishing community, introduces its new Prowler Big Game II fishing kayak. The Big Game II features a host of advancements designed to deliver a nobler on-water experience, including the new multi-position 

Ocean Kayak Launches New Prowler Big Quarry II Old Township, Maine (January 7, 2014) Ocean Kayak, a recognized leader in the kayak fishing community, today introduced its new Prowler Big Game II fishing kayak. The Big Ready II features a host of advancements designed to deliver a superior on-water 

Susquehanna Fishing Munitions dump, May 2010

Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks

How to Do Nothing When There Is Nothing to Do! — Cat Atoll, Bahamas

One of the highlights of this alternative is that you are joined by the resort dogs and a cat when you are up at the Club House and if when you walk on the beach there are several more dogs who you might encounter. Breakfast on the patio overlooking the drinking-water. On the non-highlights of Cat Island is what they call the sand flies. There are many other names that I have come up for them over the past few days as I now look like I have a more then gentle case of the chicken pox on my legs. You can barely see these little vampires but oh my, can they cause damage. So repellent became a part of the practice here… but if you miss an inch… they will find it. . Others didn’t seem as bothered and Grant was secretly happy that for once I was the primary victim. Others didn’t seem as bothered as I was so perhaps I was the beacon and as they say “took one (or one hundred. DSF (during sand flies) as there is a delayed response of which Grant quickly caught up to me. again. we just didn't know it yet. We had a lazy morning reading and getting caught up on the world casing of this tiny island waiting for the tides to be in our favour. We made a spectacle of ourselves on the beach trying to get in our 2 person kayak and if we had realized that there was no way to get into this without getting wet, things would have gone much sport but we had made the mistake of bringing Grant’s phone with us to take photographs and I... A two hour tour leads you to a series of mangrove pathways ending at what they call up a blue hole. This one was apparently just a breeding ground for the baby animals of the ocean and was not meant to spit out dead farm animals so I was more percipient to go and see what this was all about. We were surprised at the lack of wildlife along the way but we did get to see fish, sea turtles, a few birds, sea urchins and “something something” which we both think might have been a baby shark but since are not ineluctable we will stick with “something something”. The trip had some rocky moments with the water being quite wavy at points and fighting the puffery and the tide at times made it quite a workout. We managed to find the blue hole which, at first is not obvious but when you bite the black spot in an area of turquoise, you paddle over to explore and there it was, and I must admit it made me have that funny feeling I get when I am in a situation where summit sends an alarm message to... This hole is meant to go down thousands of feet where the surrounding water would only be up to my waist at most neighbourhood this hole. We did see some fish in the coral wall lined blue hole but mostly it was just dark and spooky and the tide was changing so we didn’t correspond around for too long. Somehow the winds changed because we seemed to be working twice as hard on the way back and although the tide was meant to be bringing us out of the mangrove, it appeared to be doing the vis- and getting stronger every minute. So, we dug in and headed back at a fairly rapid pace, both of us with some pretty sizeable blisters to show for it. Coming out of the mangroves I announced to one who could hear my screaming on the wind that we had come out of the shelter of the mangroves and were now on the open water. The waves were washing over me from the front of the boat and they were getting higher and higher and I was unbelievably convinced that this is where my fear of kayak tipping was going to take place. Grant was “coaching” me that I.

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Two Oklahoma Bass Fishermen Win Kayak Sailfish Contest Strangers to the quarry of deep-sea fishing, they hooked an unlikely championship in Pompano Beach, Florida. Chris Thomas and Ryan Jones finished maiden and second in the first-ever offshore kayak fishing tournament for sailfish. Both are Oklahoma bass fishermen.

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