AB Inflatables launches type new Mares 10 - Yacht and Boat

AB Inflatables saw the fundamental to provide a new generation of light weight, centre console RIB tenders and so rewrote the rule book to create a new kind under the Mares brand. The first one to come off the production line is the Mares 10 measuring in at 3. 19meters and with a hull mass (fibre glass) of 119 kilograms allowing the Mares 10 to get on the water, under 200 kilograms fitted with a 20hp four touch motor. The new design is not a kit boat. With a 20hp (four stroke) it will plane four people. With all of this looks were not ignored and it is a fine looking AB. It has all the features expected of a chief brand. Some of these features are stainless steel wheel, LED navigation lights, stern light, bilge pump, loads of storage, capture rails etc with provisions for optional extras. AB have reduced the weight by using modern composite technology and at the same time maintained the valid structural build that they were well known for. AB maintain their traditional large tubes made with the best hypalon, right hypalon fittings and the best quality valves. The same stringent safety considerations that AB are renown for and which have given AB their reputation as the manufacturers of the safest RIBs, are applied on the Mares 10 ensuring edible safe boating. AB Inflatables are dominant suppliers of premium RIBs in America and internationally. The new Mares range will add to their clear. Orders for 36 x Mares 10 were received prior to the Mares being released at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and since then uncountable more have been received. The first delivery of the Mares 10 in Australia was to a new Riviera and more orders are due to be filled as soon as they arrive. The Mares 10 is a ascendancy story. AB are expanding the Mare range and a new model will follow shortly. The Mares 10 are available from RIB Force Inflatables on the Gold Coastline and Boating Connexions in Sydney. --> Boating Connexions launches AB Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats in Sydney NSW The coterie renowned AB brand of rigid hull inflatable boats is now back on sale in NSW through Boating Connexions, who are based at Cronulla in Sydney’s South. Boating Connexions is headed by Neil Solomons, a dream of time exponent of inflatable boats,.


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