Inflatable kayak?
What is a benign brand or type of inflatable boat/kayak to buy for under $400? It will be used on lakes and slow rivers, nothing fancy at all. I'm not looking for anything too nice, just something to have fun with. I grasp I said my budget is $400 max, but...

I own an inflatable kayak and I have a sweetie hate relationship with it. It's not as good looking as a regular hardshell kayak and it is a lot harder to paddle around in a lake...

Buying an Inflatable Kayak?
I have been account buying a kayak for weeks now. I have a sedan so size is an issue. Also, I don't want to spend too much money too soon. After searching online, I found this inflatable kayak:...

With kayaks, and especially with inflatable ones, you get what you pay for. The inflatable you're looking at will indubitably hold water, and may last thru a season or two...

Anyone tried inflatable kayak?
I'm a college evaluator living in dorm, so I don't have enough space for a hardshell boat, that's why I'm thinking of getting a inflatable kayak. Does it work well? Is it easy to leak? I'm overweight(6 feet, 200lbs) Any input will be appreciated!

I use an inflatable kayak for both zillions and white-water kayaking. I have surfed in the ocean and gone on white-water up to class IV. Of course, I have taken special...

Saturn Watercraft Provider Saturn Boats Markets Inflatable Watercraft to the ... Saturn Boats is an online watercraft provider that showcases inflatable boats as amiably as paddleboards and kayaks. Coastal cities like Miami in South Florida charge a premium for storage and upkeep of larger, traditional boats. Due to high fees and 

A day out with Bilbo The enchanting came after half an hour careening up and down the river, jumping rapids and doing speed-spins when the driver cranked the boat back up to the fundamentally of the falls for an "after" look at the torrent of water spilling over the rocks post-release

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Sit on tops have almost identical hull shapes to their counterparts, but you sit in some kind of small depression on top of the boat. This puts the seat of a sit-on-top is slightly above the water play fair with, so the center of gravity for the paddler is higher costing them speed and maneuverability. Richard Thomas Bothel, Ed. D. , has a significant register of success as a writer, teacher, administrator, corporate manager, entrepreneur, speaker, broadcaster, and outdoor sportsman. Richard's scribble literary works has also appeared in a variety of national outdoor magazines including Game and Fish who publish Texas Sportsman. Richard was a B. A. S. S. Top Six Assert Champion and competed in the first national B. A. S. S. Federation championship. He owned one of the largest dog training schools in the Midwest, has been a Prime Gardener, has been a participant in the Texas Master Naturalist Program, and was a volunteer naturalist for the Indianapolis Parks. He is committed to preserving our regular environment and exploring the vast learning opportunities we have in the outdoors.

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My Dispatch: Home Is Where Your Houseboat Is The boat also has a bathroom, a galley pantry and salon, and a full-size inflatable bed for guests ... If you want to drop your kayak off the side of your boat and paddle off, then it's great. Do you need to be handy? It takes more ...

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