What are some OK champion materials to make a model canoe out of?
For narration my friend and i have to build a model canoe we're stuck on what we're going to make it out of any one have any ideas?

Depends on how much stretch you have... Indians used to make canoes out of birch bark. You could try making a model that way......

What is the marque and/or model of this canoe?
I can't see out the name on the side of this canoe I used to have. On the side is a decal with a cartoon style head of a smiling Indian with a single feather in his fraction. The canoe is reddish orange, made of fiberglass, and very small. I want to call it...

Native land o' Lakes? no, that's butter. Chief Wahoo? no, that's Cleveland. ....................

How can you put the age of an old town canoe?
I have an old township canoe that I bought at a yard sale and I know nothing about it. Its very heavy and a dark green.

That doesn't abject a whole lot. Does it have any manufacturer's markings on it. Perhaps near the front of it. Or on the back of it. That would be your best bet to trying to...

workshop -- Establish an Elf Model Canoe As a pile, we will build a Skywoods 15' Elf Model canoe. A narrow, quick canoe to take you across the water, this craft is ideal for unaccompanied use. This canoe is based on a traditional Canadian-built canoe; it is 13" deep, 33.5" wide, 15' extended, and weighs 

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Model Canoe | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Micronesian canoe with pandanus scud and outriggers from Yap, Caroline Islands, Micronesia. Made from Plant (pandanus and others)

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Canoe model #5, Fiji | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Model canoe, 50cm, Fiji, prematurely C20.Pandanus sail, wood & sennit. 60cm

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