What tolerant of canoe do I need for river with rapids?
I'm growing on a trip this year and am needing a canoe to use on the White River. I hear that there are some pretty good rapids on this river so I'm needing a canoe that can face this type of stress. Can anyone suggest what kind of canoe I should buy,...

accomplished idea here are some types for ya http://www.canoe.ca/AllAboutCanoes/canoe_types.html click on that site you can read more from me. i would say a Royalex canoes.

What is the foremost and cheapest way to ship a 16 foot canoe to the US from Ontario Canada?
I am looking a selling a cedar denude canoe I built a few years back. I want to list it on ebay but shipping something that is 60 lbs and 16 feet long is a bit of a dare. I will crate it but it will add weight and size. What is the best way to ship...

Telephone "Yellow" freight, they have the best prices, and will know what to do.

How can I fit a kayak and canoe on one car?
Me and my dad destitution to go to a river so he can canoe and i can kayak, but we can't fit them both on/in the car. We have tried to put the kayak in the car and the canoe on top, but 1 my dad couldn't see out the right side and 2 it cracked the windshield. We...

Car topping a canoe is knock about... they are sooo heavy! You can find nice 2-4 boat kayak/canoe trailers at reasonable prices these days. If you are growing to take your boats...

The fruity bespoke holiday homes that could be a bolthole or a buy-to-let ... Hitchcox moved in. Today, unlocked canoes and oars lie on a mini-careen, inviting anyone to go boating; a teepee containing table tennis and table football draws in teenagers; and there's ziplining and bunny rabbits hopping encompassing a petting area

Certain fling: Five Metro Vancouver activities to close out the summer Noodle out via Sea to Sky Adventure Company to Alice Lake in Squamish, Cultus Lake in the Fraser Valley or Crescent Strand in Surrey (although there are no canoes here). One-hour rentals cost $25 for SUP and canoes and $17 for kayaks (1-604-567 2453; 

Survival's a Beach — Palolem, India

04 February to 22 February 2013. 19 days at Palolem Lido, Goa. Moved to Cressida Cyrus ("Luke" Cabin) 800Rs. Tourist Friendly Goa. Goa is the 100 kilometer long, clique renowned beach destination. Consult the blogs to learn where to go in Goa for upscale package tour resorts, night being or utter solitude. We chose Palolem Beach on the strong recommendation of a Polish couple who spent time in three Goa hot spots. If they had just one station to go, they said, they would pick the Palolem. It is a beautiful west facing beach-cove safe for swimming (we don't swim much) eat one's heart out white beach great for tanning (we don’t lay in the sun anymore), and plenty of tourist friendly food featuring freshly caught fish (now you’re talking. Found emphasize at Cressida Cyrus Coco Huts. What a lovely place this turned out to be. The huts are nestled in a grove of towering coconut palms. It is a two journal walk to get from our porch to the beautiful wide beach cove lined with lively bars and restaurants. There is plenty of place to find solitude, if desired. We enjoyed fantastic fresh caught BBQ fish dinners while watching the sun sink into the sea. It didn't book us long to find our mojo. A beautiful tall redhead from Holland moved next door. Maartje (29) who loved to conclude by to chat and we ended up having many interesting and meaningful conversations with her. She is a theater producer in Holland and has good prime on her shoulders. Several days later, several young people arrived and she joined them for youthful encounters but still regularly stopped by our district for "happy hour" or just a chat. We put a "FOR SALE" notice up for our bike on the bulletin board at "Cafe Inn" and drove around with a handmade gesture on our gas tank. When we had parked the Pulsar next to rickshaw stand, we returned to find the front sign got ripped off by a local. " Only locals are allowed to park here,” the seeming culprit snarled. But by the way,” I’ll give you 5000 for your bike. Dave wanted to use the bike until the 13th so we had time to hold out a bit longer. On the 16th, 3 months and 4064 kilometers after we bought the bike, we sold it to a 21 year old "allowance boy” for 14000Rs ($260), about half of what we had into it. He seemed like a good kid and we were happy to give him a good deal on the bike. Later, we spotted him in metropolis with the bike. He had put on a new seat cover and cleaned it up nicely. He looked proudly cool on his new ride. Over a nice lunch of Mexican chicken fajitas, we met Chico and Ellie from GB. They are avid bird watchers and they helped us tag some birds we had seen like the brown kite with its white head like American eagle. Ellie and Chico frame frequent visits to Goa for the nice beaches, bird watching and sunny weather. Ellie mentioned that they also get great dental exertion done at a fraction of the prices back home. She had veneers on all her front teeth and they looked very natural. Chico had a bunch of implants. They well recommended their Dentist, Dr. Fernandes, who has several offices north of here. Fernandes sounded like just the guy we needed.

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