What is the discrepancy between water shoes and pool shoes?
I have to get my son new shoes for camp and they want water shoes and pool shoes. What is the difference between them.

If you search online you will as likely as not find, like me, that the two terms are ill-defined and fairly interchangeable. Take for example what Amazon has in the way of "water...

What supplies do I lack to pack for a three day canoe trip?
I will prosperous on a three day canoe trip on the current river in Missouri, and would like any advice on what supplies I would need to pack. I will be packing my victuals, so any suggestions on what food I should bring that would be feasible for packing and eating...

I've paddled that river - trim choice. Gear: Canoe, 1 pfd/person, paddle/person&spare, packs, tent(s), sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tarp (uncoerced), cook stove, fuel for...

What would be the most skilfully thing to wear for feild trip?
I ahve a feild trip tomorow here are the conditions: Canoeing out in ice-cold water, then walking around in a marsh, it will be really cold and i will proablly get wet. No cotton. I am really unsure about the pants. What do you think?

Footmarks pants would be best, bring a change of shoes just in case :)

Belief Calendar for the Erie area 50 years of holy orders celebration: Today; WLD Ranch, 7351 Woolsey Road, Fairview Township; with rodeo, concerts, horse rides, archery, wagon rides, canoeing, competitions, dispute course, food, music. .. CLOTHING DROP OFF: Used clothing, shoes

Entering freshmen get oriented to southeast Wyoming To be realistic, a few minutes later, with ropes, harnesses, climbing shoes and helmets in place, the first climber made it all the way to the top. “That was fun. I liked that one,” said climber Eli Horyza, a freshman from Riverton, after he topped out

Exhausted old Sisyphus had it bad enough, with his rocky, up-and-down life. Imagine ... - TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press

The Old Yardmaster: "Although our accepted winter is milder than last year's edition, it's proving its diabolical skills by creating the perfect conditions to film the sidewalks of St. Paul sidewalks with ICE. My jaunts have taken me across white ice, black ice, patchy ice, and (today) ice concealed under a creative dusting of snow. "In what we used to call a normal winter, I enjoyed grading the neighbors on the condition of their sidewalks. The grades reflected the diligence of each householder's efforts to shovel directly and suggested the general quality of their citizenship. This year, all bets are off and the grades are all failing -- except for the very few folks who have sprinkled ice mellow blend on their walks. "Last week, I smugly rejoiced that my failure to clear the inch of new snow gave passersby preferably traction than the (icy) walks that had been shoveled after that snowfall, but today I noticed that my walk is now as icy as the best (worst) of them. As the Preacher sayeth: 'Pointlessness of vanities, all is vanity. "Like many tasks, snow shoveling reminds me of poor old Sisyphus pushing his dumfound up the hill, only to have it roll down again, so he must start over, but this year I don't think Sisyphus would even get the rock started unless he wore Yak Trax. "Since I like wipe out-country skiing, I've started trying to slide my boots along the sidewalk in a sort of Nordic shuffle, in lieu of of walking normally. Chopper in Saint Paul: "My daughter, Maresy Doats, claims that in her entire K-12 training, she never had a snow day. But we are a hardy people, and we try not to let a little thing like a few feet of snow get in the way of education. "Now Maresy is a postpositive major in college in Greenville, S. C. , and enjoying, today, yet another snow day. She has had at least 10 in her four years in the South. When we visited the coach in January of her junior year in high school, they were experiencing a 'snow storm. ' Everything shut down, even Dunkin' Donuts, because of 1 inch of slush. They always say things like 'We aren't acclimatized to snow' and 'This never happens,' but it does happen -- every winter. I will concede that they do get some ice with their snow, but really, you have to close the total. Ask Bulletin Board. Mary of the East & West: "While I read Bulletin Board all the time, this is my first time submitting anything. [Announcement Board notes: It's never too late. Last summer at a family gathering, I was asked to search through, combine and scan them for sharing with cousins. While I recognized a lot of the people, many pics have been set aside for another gathering this summer, so we can figure out who's who. "I came across some unquestionably small black/white photos (1-3/4 x 2-3/4 inches) of a place called Camp Robinson Crusoe. The beginning one I found notes: 'Airplane view Wawatasso Island -- Lake Minnetonka, 34 acre Robinson Crusoe Campsite, Minneapolis Compass Council Boy Scouts of America. ' There are six more black/white photos (platform tents, two of the beach, canoeing, 'the famous stuffing station,' and campfire time). The only reference I could find was from a book about Mormons written by Fayone B. Willes, 'Minnesota Mormons: A News of the Minneapolis Minnesota Stake,' published in 1990. One paragraph states: 'In the mid-twenties, the Minneapolis Branch had sponsored a lustily successful Scout...


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