What would you personage your boat if you had one?

I'd mooch the name of Buster Keaton's boat, "The Damfino". A) because I love Buster Keaton B) because when they asked me to identify my vessal, I could say, "Damfino"....

buster keaton?
what was the moniker of the boat Buster rowed in the 1927 film 'College'

The small craft is called Damfino, the same name as the eponymous boat in his short movie The Boat (1921).

"The Familiar Suspects" movie (the boat part)?
I commiserate with tha who verbal was kyser but im confused was Who killed everyone on the boat?(cause they would of admited it was the rest of em while talking to eachoter in the prison if it was all 5 of em) so is Dean Keaton living or insensible.. was he killed by...

Word Kint /Kaiser Sosee killed Dean Keaton and everyone else on the boat.

Blur review: All Is Lost Yet All Is Wanton has Robert Redford and his boat Virginia Jean, lost at sea, with no dialogue, little sound and not another soul to be seen. Has anyone even attempted such a deed since the days of Chaplin or Keaton? It's a miracle it even exists in

Celebrities Conduct oneself To Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death His singing of 'I'm Gonna Get You On a Sluggish Boat to China' in The Master was perfection. — Judy Blume (@judyblume) February 2, 2014. OH NO!!!!! Philip Seymour Hoffman has died. A positively kind Silent film star Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle became one of

Buster Keaton: Cut to the Go out after An American icon, Joseph Truthful “Buster” Keaton is easily acknowledged as one of the greatest filmmakers in early cinema and beyond. His elaborate slapstick made audiences scream with tittering. But, his stone face hid an internal turmoil. In BUSTER KEATON: CUT TO THE CHASE, biographer Marion Meade seamlessly lays out the life and works of this comedy faculty who lacked any formal education. “Buster” made his name as a child of vaudeville, thrown around the stage by his father in a cartoon pantomime of surely real abuse. The lessons he carried forward from that experience translated into some of the greatest silent films of all time. Keaton wrote, directed, performed, and edited dozens of features and shorts, including his master-work, The General. However, those early scars also led to decades of drinking and mistreatment of women. Keaton saw huge successes, Hollywood sex scandals, years of neglect from studios and audiences, and in the long run a shaky resurrection that assured his place in Hollywood’s film canon. Meticulously researched, this book brings together four years of fact-finding and hundreds of interviews to paint a nuanced portrait of a compelling artist. No comedy fan or film buff should miss this insider story of the man behind the stone lineaments.

The Movies are A compilation of hundreds of Sandburg's writings on blur during the silent era for the Chicago Daily News, showing how this great American writer was an early champion of movies and their possibilities, and, thus, set the stage for to be to come film criticism.

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THE Guard; Mystery Ships. A Sympathetic Robber. Keaton and "Our Gang." Other Photoplays. The U-rowing-boat's manoeuvring is watched by British officers on an electrical ... Lillian Bucknam and others. At the Roxy Theatre. Buster Keaton's stoic physiognomy in bosom buddy form is competing at the Capitol with the "Our Gang" comedians both on the screen ...

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