Jet Boat Motif - What's the difference between 2nd & 3rd Generation Aluminum Jet Boats?
I'm also interested in any CAD software particularly for designing boats.

2nd production aluminum boats belong to the 80's & early 90's. The jet boat design back then was a shift from flat-bottoms to a V-shaped delta and all-welded aluminum...

How can I detect out the weight capacity of a trailer with 6 wheels?
This trailer held our 16 ft arson boat and 2 3 seater jet skiis. We are frustrating to sell it and I don't know what the weight capacity is or how to find out.

1. It will testify it on the title... 2. Cross reference the trailer VIN with the manufacturer.

Why Boat-Construction's a Tougher Business Than It Looks According to Ocean-going Products' most recent 10-K, there are approximately 70 sterndrive manufacturers in the industry, with the top 10 manufacturers accounting for about 78% of comprehensive market share in the 18-to-35-foot sterndrive category, based on 2012

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Monetary impact analysis of the proposed boat manufacturing NESHAP

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