how are Boat, Yacht, and Cruiser classes evaluated? (eg. J-Descent, K-class destroyer)?

highly, regarding j class yachts: "The New York Yacht Club's racing fleet was classified by letters. Schooners and ketches were divided into eight classes ranging from A Realm,...

Airplane or Boat?

Airplane -J

1975 j.c.penny boat motor 5.5 hp?
i took this motor out several times and i'm satisfied at it's display. It's plenty for what i do in my 15 ft aluminum v-hull boat. runs great and pushes me fine. question:little screws that say fill and one that says make known next to the proppeller. What...

You received proof and correct answers. But, in case it is a bit confusing, here is a step by step. Remove both screws, the fill and the vent ones, draining the appliances case...

Unanimity J's George Shelley looks buff on boat with band mates comments. He is the youngest of the dispose, but George Shelley certainly didn't act up to his age as he watched from aboard a boat as his band mates played in every direction in the water. Three fourths of the band - George, Josh Cuthbert and Jaymi Hensley – headed 

Ranger: Pre-eminent the J Class Renaissance Ranger was the beginning J Class boat built since the heyday of the Class in the 1930′s. Since her launch in 2004, three new J Class boats have joined the agile, with four more in the planning or building stage. 2012-06-28 09.43.50 2012-06-28 07.36.52

J/Boats In 1975 Rod Johnstone at length decided to build the boat he'd been planning since completing design correspondence school 10 years earlier. Thirty years later, the J/24, the boat based on that maiden garage-built vessel is the most popular recreational offshore keelboat in the world. The story of J/Boats' success, as inspiring as it is doubtful, unfolds for the first time in this illustrated history, which tells how Rod and his brother Bob turned one homebuilt boat and a $20,000 investment into the company that dominates the show-oriented sailboat market today.

Push to Endeavour Extensively illustrated, this gossamer tribute evokes an eventful decade in nautical history; the fourth edition recounts restoration efforts and reports on the current renaissance of interest in these peerless crafts.

Atlantic Metropolis Boat Show to open ATLANTIC Burg, N.J. (AP) - Organizers are optimistic as the Atlantic City Boat Show prepares to open. Officials are expecting an increase of 15 percent in serving over the 32,000 who visited the show last year. Show manager Jon Pritko tells ...

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